Make Money From Home: How To Run a Business While Having a Life

make money from home


It took only two words for me to think about creating this blog entry.  It is these two words that systems need to make it easy for anyone to make money from home with.  If you want to know what those are, read on – or just hit play below. 


Here’s a video of what we’re talking about.

make money from home


For those of you that don’t know, Empower Network is a marketing educational platform that teaches its members one of the highest-paying professions in the world – marketing.  Affiliates of the platform can use the very educational products and sell them to others as their own.  Four of five of the products can be sold for 100% commissions, allowing affiliates to earn more money per sale than most other affiliate offers and MLM opportunities.


What makes Empower Network an easy and ideal business is not only what is required to run it, which is to create blog content on its aged-domain, high Alexa-rated, authority, viral blogging site, but a two-word concept that can keep affiliates focused only on money-making activity for only a couple of hours a day.  This concept is called, “Leveraged Leadership.”


Empower Network affiliates make money from home by using the products to help others to do the same.  Successful affiliates position themselves to become leaders by gaining familiarity with all the products and systems, so that when they receive a question about how to run a business or perform a certain task, they reference a product or pre-made resource.


By doing this, affiliates gain, as well as grant the following benefits:

  • If the answer is in a product the asker does not have, they can make a sale
  • The asker gains a reference that they can use at their own time and learn from at their own pace
  • The affiliate saves time
  • The asker gains a lesson on how to up-sell and help people the best way possible at the same time


make money from homeThis is Leveraged Leadership.


The two-word concept is the secret behind how Empower Network affiliates are able to make money from home while having a life. You can have a full-time job, have to travel several miles and still have a way to run a business without it interfering with your everyday life!


If you are open to make money from home the easiest way possible, click this button here:


make money from home


For $25/mo, you get:

  • A done-for-you, viral blogging platform powered by WordPress – no domain or hosting service purchases required
  • High-value theme design and plugins. Choose from several blog themes and take advantage of our SEO assessment tool
  • Downloadable versions of our weekly training calls, called Empower Hours. Start building your virtual, money-making library
  • Quick Start training series exposing the 8 core commitments of marketing, that can be applied to any business
  • A collection of high-converting lead capture pages


For signing up here, you get these bonuses:

  • Prosperity Team Coaching Mastermind. Get access to 5 and 6-figure earners in our daily mastermind calls (Monday-Friday)
  • Weekly Prosperity Team Live Hangout. See a panel of leaders as they lend their experience to help people understand what it takes to succeed. Get your own hangout page and have these leaders sale on your behalf
  • Prosperity Team exclusive resources. Get access to the team website, where you’ll access bonus training from leaders, like how to use Facebook and Craigslist to expand your reach
  • Exclusive marketing tools. Get more capture pages and marketing funnels. Be positioned to offer even more value to your following
  • Get access to my How-To-Wordpress series. These four videos will teach you everything you need to know about how to use your Empower Network blogging system, as well as WordPress in general
  • 20 minutes of personal coaching time. Get the best, most focused start in your business


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make money from home


make money from home


make money from home